Sector Accreditations

We operate a dedicated Health and Safety Executive team, enabling conformity in Chain of Responsibility Compliance standards, TransafeWA and Heavy Vehicle National Law (Fatigue Management, General and Registration National Regulation, Mass, dimension and loading, Vehicle Standard National Regulation).

We are a part of the Retail Logistic Supply Chain Code of Conduct and adhere to the Australian Steel Institutes Guidelines.

Supporting these duties, we undertake actions such as:

  • Web based employee training programs
  • Fatigue and risk assessment software
  • Issues Reporting System to bring forward prompt corrective conducts
  • Load restraints


Quality Accreditation

At Goldstar Transport, we are commitment to strive for excellence, always.

Our high-quality service is due to several elements, including:

  • Our team’s commitment and passion
  • Strict safety procedures
  • Advanced and innovative systems
  • Continuous improvement in processes

Our effective Quality Management System (QMS) has been designed for the continuous improvement of processes and staff training.

Comprised of many policies, manuals, procedures, work instructions, specific plans and controlled reports, our QMS displays our commitment to achieving excellence in all endeavours.

We measure each tasks performance. This ensures personnel are kept accountable and aware of the importance of quality, not only for our company but for our customers too.

Why have a Quality Management System?

A QMS is essential for having a very good understanding of each freight task: It enhances our expertise particularly when we need to handle complex projects or tight deadlines.

This system also helps us operate to an equipment replacement strategy, designed to replace older fleet/equipment with latest available.

Safety Compliance

Safety is at the heart of every decision and action and the most important aspect of our business – the very essence and culture of our team.

At Goldstar Transport, we believe we have responsibility towards our staff, families and the wider community to ensure our operations are as safe as possible.

With this in mind, we operate to strict procedures which in conjunction with the advanced “Management System on Safety, Health and Environment” (SHEMS), define how the company operates, ensuring our customer’s needs are always met.

All site activities are planned and performed in a manner to minimise adverse safety, health and environmental impacts. Additionally, all work is carried out in compliance with all statutory and compulsory requirements.

We use many aids, ensuring our team is as cautious as it can be.

Transport Safety

All our vehicles are monitored through forward and rear facing cameras and drivers are constantly recorded in high resolution video and audio.

Cab sensors are also used to detect events such as distractions, eyes closure or head movements that exceed set parameters. A notification is sent within seconds and the intervention plan is implemented.

Finally, drug and alcohol tests for all drivers are mandatory and go beyond the Australian standard.

Contingency Planning

Safety is our priority, so we’ve developed adequate processes, suitable programs policies and training to mitigate any potential risk and threat as per legislative requirements.

We constantly update our recovery plan, providing smooth and rapid restoration of service, in order to minimise the economic impact of the interruption.

All personnel are regularly trained and skilled on emergency procedures.

We are covered with the highest level of insurance for potential loss, damage or liability related to any kind of cargo or other properties, pollution accidents, workers errors, omissions and injuries.

Social Responsibility

Creating a positive social impact on our community is a key part of our culture.

Children are the nation’s most treasurable asset and they represent the bright future of the country. In partnership with the East Perth Football club, the West Coast Eagles, and  Kalparrin, we help provide the opportunity to special needs children, to join in the excited of the game of football with some of Australia’s highest level players.

We’re also proud to support the ANZAC commemorative day in Albany providing military vehicles, such as the famous Ford Model T and the Austin Champ, to ageing veterans.

Environmental Sustainability

At Goldstar transport, we’re committed to reducing and minimising ozone depletion and global warming.

As we introduce new fleet, we ensure prime-movers and rigids are Euro 6 compliant. The aim of Euro 6 is to reduce levels of harmful car and van exhaust emissions, both in petrol and diesel cars.

Our Environmental Policy establishes procedures for ensuring compliance and is always kept up to date.

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